Precision Guided Selling

Introducing Precision Guided Selling

Precision Guided Selling provides management the ability to guide sales people and salespeople the ability to guide customers at every step of the sales process, from qualification to close.

That’s what we do. . .

5600blue has created the first-ever vertically integrated sales platform that delivers the processes, technology and enablement to mine, synthesize and distribute knowledge and insights to your salespeople at the speed of change.

What's Driving the Need for Sales Transformation?

Gerhard Gschwandtner of Selling Power TV asks Brian Dietmeyer several questions you will want to hear the answers to in the interview. Questions include:

  • What is driving the need for sales transformation?
  • What specifically has changed that is making it more challenging to drive organic growth?
  • Sales support solutions were designed for a world that no longer exists. Please elaborate...
  • What changes must be made to help sales compete?
  • Is Precision Guided Selling a knowledge based solution?
  • How is Precision Guided Selling different from insight based selling?